Ann Coulter Slams Trump: ‘This Jackass Is Really Ticking Me Off’

Ann Coulter has had it with President Donald Trump.

The conservative commentator took to Twitter on Thursday to slam Trumps new policy proposals regarding U.S. relations with Cuba. She also took shots at the president for so far failing to make good on his campaign promise to build a southern border wall.

Anyone in a Southwestern state who strolls to the border & drops a brick will have done more to build the wall than @realDonaldTrump, she wrote in the first of a series of tweets. I thought w/ Trump wed finally have a president helping OUR country. So far: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, China, N Kor. Today: Cuba!

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In a statement to Mediaite expanding on her comments, Coulter went even further, emphasizing her disappointment with the presidents performance since hes taken office.

It was a whole series today! she said. This jackass is really ticking me off. And today…Cuba? Fing Cuba? If hed run a campaign promising to do everything hes done in the last 6 months, hed never have been elected.

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