Barron Trump’s life is none of our business

Where President Trumps 11-year-old son, Barron, attends school is none of my business. So, too, his interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. If his mother or father wishes to talk about him or share snippets of his life with the public, so be it. But a presidents children, in my book, are a private matter.

The adult Trump children are in the public realm only because their father has chosen to put them into the spotlight. We know about the comings and goings of daughter Ivanka Trump because her dad has given her a job in the White House.

What Trumps oldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric., are doing or are failing to do with their lives is also off limits, as far as Im concerned. That the public could end up shelling out millions of dollars to provide Trumps sons and daughters with Secret Service protection as they go about their personal or business travel is also of little interest. Trumps offspring are part of the presidents family, as were the two Obama daughters, the Bush and Clinton kids, and all the children of previous presidents. Those costs come with the territory of providing presidential family security.

While driving down 16th Street NW to The Post one summer morning during George W. Bushs presidency, I saw kids standing at the corner of their school holding car wash signs. I followed their directions to the rear of the school, and several other children descended upon my car with sponges, hoses and bundles of energy. Standing nearby supervising the car wash project was one of the Bush twins, Jenna. We knew the Bush children left the White House each day for private tasks but didnt know where or why. Car wash over they more or less moved the dirt around, but with great enthusiasm I paid, drove off, went into The Post and never said a word about what I saw.

Unless the private interests of Eric and Donald Trump or any other Trump child intrude upon the presidents public duties and responsibilities, there is no reason for the public to step into their lives.

Thus when it comes to the chief executives kids, including Barron Trump, the rest of us should mind our own business.

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