Dem rep to Trump: Expel Turkish ambassador

Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) says that President Trump should expel Turkeys ambassador over recent violence involving Turkish officials in Washington, D.C.

President Trump should immediately expel the Turkish Ambassador to the United States, he said in a statement Friday.

President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogans attacks on human rights and democratic institutions in Turkey are disgraceful, but condoning such attacks on American soil betrays our deepest values.

Beyer, a former ambassador to Lichtenstein and Switzerland, added that last Tuesdays clash violated diplomatic norms.

As someone who has represented my country abroad as an ambassador, I have a special appreciation for the vital role that envoys play and the expectations for honorable behavior that comes with this responsibility. These actions fall grievously short of that standard, and the US must take a stand.

The State Department reportedly summoned Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kilic Wednesday following the skirmish the day before.

State also confirmed that two members of Erdogans security team were detained after the incident, and then released. Global law protects heads of state and their entourage from arrest.

A video emerged Thursday of Erdogan watching members of his security detail violently clash with protesters in D.C.

The clip shows Erdogan emerging from a car to watch the fracas before heading inside the Turkish ambassadors residence.

Turkish security is visible from Erdogans vehicle brawling with demonstrators opposing his policies.

Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham on Wednesday said that nine people were hospitalized in the brutal attack.

Tuesdays incident involved about two dozen demonstrators and occurred after President Trump hosted Erdogan at the White House.

Members of both parties and D.C. authorities have sharply criticized Erdogans guards for their role in the scuffle.

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