Fox News Fires Bob Beckel For Making Racist Comment

Fox News has fired The Five co-host Bob Beckel on Friday for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee, TheWrap has confirmed.

A source close to the situation told TheWrap that Fox News human resources was informed of the incident on Tuesday evening, did a through investigation within 48 hours, and made a determination that he had to go immediately.

Beckel was co-host of The Five which recently moved to primetime when Bill OReilly was fired from the network amid a variety of sexual harassment allegations. The company has taken drastic measures to improve the internal culture after a series of news-making scandals.

This inst the first time Beckel has been fired from Fox News. Back in 2015, he was let go because of personal issues after missing an extended period of time while in rehab for an addiction to pain medication.

He originally joined Fox News in 2000 as a contributor and first signed on as a co-host in 2011. His role on The Five was essentially to serve as the liberal voice among right-leaning co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino.

Beckel landed at CNN the first time he was fired by Fox News but returned to The Five earlier this year when the network considered his personal issues to be behind him.

Before landing on TV as a liberal pundit, Beckel worked as a political operative and worked at the U.S. State Department from 1977-1980. He was also the national campaign manager for former Vice President Walter Mondales presidential campaign.

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