Someone Needs to Explain to Donald Trump That His Own Administration Appointed the Special Counsel

One of the odd things that has happened in plain view today is a series of angry attacks by the president of the United States on his own deputy attorney general, the very man on whose recommendation the White House originally said he decided to fire FBI Director James Comey.

No, Trump hasnt attacked Rod Rosenstein by name, but hes aggressively attacked Rosensteins decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate all aspects of the Trump campaigns relationship with Russians and their agents.

This mornings presidential tweets complained that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama didnt have to deal with a special counsel, and then called his own subjection to this scrutiny a witch hunt. Later on he spoke with a group of television anchors, and was still whining about his own administrations decision, saying it hurts the country and shows a very divided country. He also blamed it on Democrats, who just could not accept they had lost the election fair and square (except, presumably, for those millions of illegal votes cast against Trump).

Can someone please explain to the president that the Department of Justice is part of his administration?

If he does fully understand that, then perhaps his attacks on a decision he was said to have taken pretty calmly last night could be more calculated than impulsive. His Breitbartian base appears to be nurturing the suspicion that the Deep State of lefty permanent bureaucrats is making all the Russia stuff up to smear Trump and even to execute a coup to topple him. Rod Rosenstein sure looks like an elitist whos been on the government payroll for ages, and also worked for Democrats.

So what if hes Trumps own head of Trumps own Justice Department? The Deep State is nefarious. And perhaps the president has innocently nourished vipers in his own breast.

I guess it is important to Donald Trump to feed these sorts of delusions to the people who will ultimately be the only ones to stand with him if Mueller comes back with terrible findings and Trumps back is against the wall. But youd think hed try to keep his own White Houses story a bit straighter.

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